Secret Cities

Secret Cities hail from Fargo, North Dakota and formed in 2002. MJ Parker and Charlie Gokey were barely 15 when they met at band camp, but a shared love of psychedelia and scads of secret, unheard songs between them drew the pair together. They passed cassettes back and forth across the tundra of their home state, each manipulating and adding to the other's work via 4-track. Slowly they built up a catalog of sound collage and darkly romantic pop.

Following the addition of Alex Abnos (aka Kansas City's Tut Tut) on drums and a whirlwind tour of Midwest, the three went back to the drawing board. Over the next four years, they tore down and rebuilt their sound, sometimes woodshedding in an actual wooden shed on the prairie. Eventually, Secret Cities emerged with a cocktail of Spector-esque doe-eyed romanticism, electronic flourishes indeb...


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