Sedatif en Frequencies et Sillons

Fly Pan Am


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2000, Constellation

fly pan am return with a 3-song e.p. of fractured, tape-infested motorik rock experiments : sédatif en fréquences et sillons (which roughly translates as "grooved frequency sedative"), an intransigent slab of self-referential auto-criticism. fly pan am stick to their agenda of acutely self-conscious musical manipulations, examining their own materials and assumptions to yield new compositions of uncompromising formalism.
side 1 ('de cercle en cercle...') is a medley of sorts, consisting of phrases and fragments reconfigured and replayed from last year's debut 3-sided lp (cst008). various melodies are reassembled and played off of one another, creating an extended live remix with blissful passages of layered guitars, drones, sampled backing vocal lines, and the requisite incidental noise break through the middle of the piece. the result is something like an encapsulated version of the entire debut record, a stars-on-45ô-style musical compression of fly pan am's recorded output to date.
side 2 features 'éfférant/afférant', a new piece of somnambulist clockwork repetition, with the band laying down a strict, static groove while various tape manipulations penetrate the mix to create polyrhythms, dissonances and additional textures. this is prime anti-funk, invoking early talking heads along with all things krautrock, and driving home the e.p.'s subtitled intent: "stereo-stupéfiant". the track is a stamina test for the strong-willed, and was a big crowd-pleaser on their european tour this past spring. side 2 closes with 'micro sillons', a reprise of tape morsels.


Disc 1
1 De Cercle en Cercle, Ressasser et Se Perdre Dans l'Illusion NTe de ...
2 +ffTrant/AffTrant
3 Micro Sillons

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