Twin Stumps


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2010, Fan Death Records

If a band's surroundings influence their sound, one might assume that Ridgewood, New York, a neighborhood on the border of Brooklyn and Queens that Twin Stumps calls home, is a decaying urban wasteland seldom seen outside of dead industrial cities in Eastern Europe. Coming on the heels of last year's critically acclaimed self-titled 12-inch on Dais, universally considered one of the most grotesque, misanthropic, and extreme releases of 2009, a listen to Seedbed finds the band pulling you further into the grime and mire of THEIR world. The result is a truly unnerving mixture of suffocating feedback and distortion, blown-out drum sounds, loop abuse beyond recognition, and the manipulated, maniacal barks of wild-eyed singer Alessandro Keegan. Recorded and mastered by Ben Greenberg (Zs/Pygmy Shrews) at Python Patrol.

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