Set and Setting

Bardo Pond

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1999, Matador

The broken-down blues of Bardo Pond might just alter the world. The cilia-pulling strains of Set and Setting become utterly more infectious with each new spin. It's as though Bardo Pond is tugging the earth into their psychedelic orbit without anyone's knowledge or consent. The band is at their most effective on instrumental cuts like Datura and the violin-based Cross Current. Here, sounds get their most stretched out and visual. On the whole, Set and Setting is another cohesive step forward, a slow parade of seductive experimentation and noise that crawls on rock's foundation and doesn't care what anyone thinks. This description could also apply to some of Sonic Youth's better music. Imagine then, Sonic Youth strewn across the desert on blotter acid; Set and Setting probably sounds something like that. ~ Matthew Kantor, All Music Guide


Disc 1
1 Walking Stick Man PLAY
2 This Time (So Fucked) PLAY
3 Datura PLAY
4 Again PLAY
5 Lull PLAY
6 Cross Current PLAY
7 Crawl Away PLAY
8 #3 PLAY

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