Silent Shout [Domestic]

The Knife


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2006, Mute

From darkest azure to black with hints of purple. From the outset it looked like it would be a body of work consisting only of shades of grey but at last the colours arrived - even if they turned out to be the darker nuances existing on the palette. Silent Shout is more focused than Deep Cuts, and not just because it features 11 tracks where its predecessor had 17. The songs are rich with detail, thoughts and ideas and innovations piled hard on top of each other. It may not make you want to dress up as a crow in the snow. But its jaw-dropping fusion of technology and emotion, circuitry and the soul, melodrama and melody, will leave you gasping.


Disc 1
1 Silent Shout PLAY
2 Neverland PLAY
3 The Captain PLAY
4 We Share Our Mother's Health PLAY
5 Na Na Na PLAY
6 Marble House PLAY
7 Like a Pen PLAY
8 From Off to On PLAY
9 Forest Families PLAY
10 One Hit PLAY
11 Still Light PLAY

Customer Reviews


2 reviews

Pedro Teixeira
When I heard the album for the first time I couldn't believe how refreshing it was. Great control between the sound effects and the melodic arrangement, in a journey that goes from an epic battle passing through an apocalyptical voyage ending up in a warm night in ancient China. The track We Share our Mothers Health is one of the best experiences I've had in music. Two thumbs up.
Ray Milks
This album is definitely a winner. I bought this disc on the strength of "Mother Health" alone and was rewarded handsomely. The album burlbes, beeps, and bumps its way into my soul each time I play it. It has made my 2006 top ten for sure. Music should take you on a journey, and this music propels you at mach 5 into a dancing paradise!

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