1, Singer challenges the norms with an automatic-writing songwriting technique involving all four members of Singer, giving the songs a lurching, lunching feel that is then topped with vocalese of similar inclination: everyone's involved, everyone's a singer. They harmonize, they atonalize, they take solo turns. This on top of double-guitars and a few moments of double-drums produces some thrillingly unpredictable songs — and live, they're brought across with a similarly four-headed approach that coalesces and then recedes into quasi-uncertainty, studded with bits of jangle, funk and drone. Highlights from the show include Robt A.A. Lowe's ear-and-eye-scaping falsetto adventures, Adam Vida's bottom-heavy drum thumping, Ben Vida's much needed vocal narrative and the Neilsen-esque presence of Todd Rittmann, original guitarist extraordinai...


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