Singles Compilation #2

The Telescopes


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2009, Mind Expansion

Ten mind blowing tracks taken from the extremely limited edition 7"singles previously released on the UK's Transmat and Hungry Audio labels as well as songs taken from an extremely rare live 10-" vinyl single from 2005. Also features songs that were only released on the hand made tour CDs. Prepare to be blown away by these ultra rare mind expanding fuzz filled gems!


Disc 1
1 Winter #7
2 Perfect Needle #4
3 Another Sky
4 Where It Comes from Where It Goes
5 Household Objective #2
6 DSM-1v Axis 1:307.46
7 Household Objective #4
8 Psychic Viewfinder 2
9 Another Whip
10 Blue Shroud of Alkatraz

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