Sir Richard Bishop

Since 1981, Sir Richard Bishop has been traveling the spaceways as 1/3 of Ethno-Improv Pioneers, Sun City Girls. The Girls have released nearly 100 albums and tapes over the last 25 years, and have managed to perplex, amaze and alienate their audiences (as planned). Though they tour on rare occasions, they spend much of their time in the recording studio, working on writing & film projects, and exploring what's left of the planetary system, not necessarily in that order.

By trade Sir Richard Bishop is a dealer of rare occult books and fine paper ephemera. For many in the musical cosmos, he has occasion to travel the smoke filled carnie circuit as 1/3 of the Sun City Girls medicine show. But in the twilight hours of a shadow world sensed only by few, Bishop is a dazzling unaccompanied guitarist.

Thanks to the powers that BE, in e...


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