There are currently several artists using the name Solex - a Dutch keyboard artist, and a trance music producer from Romania:

1. Dutch keyboard wizard Elisabeth Esselink, aka SOLEX is described in as many variations as her music. She's an indie pop singer / songwriter / sample artist, or is she? Esselink’s haunting vocals combined with a varied array of found sounds (some of ’em found in the second-hand record shop she runs) recall few other experimental/pop crossovers. Solex inventive musical endeavours (with for example the Maarten Altena Ensemble) showcase a vocal presence (and a keen sense of humor) you won’t find elsewhere.

The Solex live show has evolved into a thing of extraordinary dexterity, merging the idiosyncrasies of her albums with the immediacy of a live band. In the past she played The Lowlands Festival, SxSW,...


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