Sonny Smith

Sonny Smith is a native of San Francisco, but it wasn't until he moved to Gunnison, Colorado that he got started with music. While there he worked as a professional musician, playing blues piano in various bars. He moved to Denver and made a name for himself there, but before long headed to Costa Rica to work on an Organic Farm. While there, Smith began writing songs, plays and short stories in earnest.

In 1996 Sonny Smith returned to San Francisco, where he once again found work as a blues pianist. Before long Smith abandoned the piano and began performing his own unique long-form story songs. He continued to write short stories and plays, and even wrote & directed a film. He released a steady string of solo records throughout the early 2000s, and even toured in support of Neko Case.

Sonny’s early CDs include This Is My Story...



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