Soul Junk

The core of the band is Glen Galaxy (former Trumans Water member, Glen Galloway). Other members include Slo-Ro, Brian Cantrell, Micah Ortega, Ron Easterbrooks, Jon Galaxy and Nathan Poage. Many others are credited per album or track.

The first Soul-Junk release was called ''1950''. Its name was derived from the musical style of the era, a fusion of rock and free jazz. Subsequent albums have been numbered up from 1950; Extended Play releases have been numbered down. Soul-Junk songs have also been released on innumerable compilations.

Early Soul-Junk albums (such as ''1950'') almost exclusively feature low-fi, Indie rock style tracks of Glen singing bible verses interlaced with instrumental noise tracks. As Soul-Junk gained members its sound advanced toward rock and pop. ''1953'' and ''1954'' show signs of this continual change.



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