Sound of Silver

LCD Soundsystem


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2007, DFA/Capitol

Insound Staff Pick - 2008! James Murphy, aka LCD Soundsystem, returns with Sound of Silver March 20 on DFA/Capitol Records. Sound of Silver, the follow-up to the massively acclaimed and eponymous 2005 debut, was recorded over the summer of 2006 in a farm in upstate New York by Murphy and visitors from the big city including live band members Nancy Whang, Pat Mahoney and Tyler Pope. There, between silver foil-covered walls, nine tracks were crafted into one of the pinnacle albums of 2007. Sound of Silver finds LCD Soundsystem further expanding its sonic palette, taking its experimental impulses to wild new places but also firmly establishing itself as a singularly great pop group. Here, pulsing beats, abstract funk, crystal melodies and towering walls of sound combine to create a sound genuinely like no other.


Disc 1
1 Get Innocuous!
2 Time to Get Away
3 North American Scum
4 Someone Great
5 All My Friends
6 Us v Them
7 Watch the Tapes
8 Sound of Silver
9 New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down

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Rasmus Rygaard
Alright, I'm not a dance person. I'm not really digging much electronic music. But there are always exceptions. This album is one of them. Sound of Silver took me by surprise, after listening a lot to North American Scum, I decided to buy the album, and it turned out surprisingly brilliant. This album is almost too catchy, but it maintains a certain amount of coolness and a laid back atmosphere, and you never really get tired of listening to it. LCD Soundsystem certainly made me dance, and this album is definitely going to make your legs ache and your face smile.

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