Southeast Engine

Southeast Engine was formed in 2000 by Adam "Rem" Remnant (lead vocals, guitar) and Leo DeLuca (drum kit, percussion). Both attended the same high school in Dayton, Ohio and grew up in "The Gem City" during its musical heyday of the 1990s. Underground bands like Guided By Voices, Brainiac, and Swearing At Motorists made significant and long-standing impressions upon the two youngsters.

Around 2000, the pair moved to Athens, Ohio and were equally inspired by the Appalachian old-timey and folk music of the area. Thus, Southeast Engine is a unique hybrid of the Dayton, Ohio musical underground and the Athens, Ohio folk scene.

Longstanding member, Michael Lachman (keyboards, Wandering Genie) began playing with the band soon after its formation. The three are now joined by Jesse Remnant (Adam's younger brother) on bas...


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