Spinal Tap

Spin¨al Tap is the name of a fictional English hard rock / 80s heavy metal band, created for the 1984 rockumentary film This Is Spin¨al Tap. However, due to the success of the film, the band went on to record and release three albums.

The band is a strong satire of the 70s and 80s heavy metal genre and scene, and their music reflects that, with blaring guitars, high vocals, and ridiculous lyrical themes, all of which take the stereotypes of the genre and exaggerate them to comedic extremes.

The first album of the band was a collection of songs made for the film, many of which were featured in the film itself. Their second album (Break Like The Wind) followed many years later, but was greeted with less enthusiasm, partially because people simply weren't interested in the band beyond their characters in the film, and partially bec...



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