Stars Like Fleas

In late 2003 San Francisco label Praemedia released the second record by the Brooklyn-based band (self-described 'electroacoustic, comprovised free-folk torch-song collective'), Stars Like Fleas: Sun lights down on the fence. This record has been crawling its way out of the wilderness and into cultish acclaim ever since. Sun lights down on the fence, nearly two years in the making, includes members/ex-members of OutHud, Other Dimensions in Music, TEST, No Neck Blues Band, Papa M, Gold Sparkle Band, Little Huey Orchestra, At The Drive-In, Fiery Furnaces, The Silent League, Super Furry Animals and Mercury Rev, and features original cover art by Marcel Dzama. Stars Like Fleas was formed by Brooklyn musician/composer Shannon Fields and the Austin, TX singer and video artist, Montgomery Knott in the winter of 1998.

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