Start Breaking My Heart



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2004, Leaf

Stunning album from Manitoba aka Toronto resident Dan Snaith. Looks set to emulate the success of The Leaf Label's Susumu Yokota album, MANITOBA is already one of the most hotly tipped leftfield electronica acts to watch this year!. A mesmerising album of warm organic electronics, fragile harmonies ebb and flow over snappy beats, cicada like clicks and cricket chirrups rub against burbling analogue, beautifully arranged - equal parts grace and dexterity, the album manages to sooth and stimulate at the same time. For fans of : SUSUMU YOKOTA/BOARDS OF CANADA/FAULTLINE/JIM O ROURKE.


Disc 1
1 Dundas, Ontario
2 People Eating Fruit
3 Mammals vs. Reptiles
4 Brandon
5 Children Play Well Together
6 Lemon Yoghourt
7 James' Second Haircut
8 Schedules and Fares
9 Paul's Birthday
10 Happy Ending

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