Strawberry Jam

Animal Collective

Vinyl LP

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2007, Domino Recording Co.

VINYL FORMAT. Strawberry Jam feels like space dust and radar falling on the desert and making it bloom. It's the sound of a band spinning wildly and intoxicated, at the cusp of their powers, as thick and rich and sweet and colorful as it sounds.


Disc 1
1 Peacebone
2 Unsolved Mysteries
3 Chores
4 For Reverend Green
5 Fireworks
6 #1
7 Winter Wonderland
8 Cuckoo Cuckoo
9 Derek

Customer Reviews


2 reviews

Best band in the world. That's it!
Pat Martucci
Once the first 30 seconds passes in Peacebone (opening track); get ready for the ride of your life. A truly definitive album reminding you of why Animal Collective is in a category of its own Strawberry Jam is one of the finest pieces of work produced. For Reverend Green and Fireworks are the longest songs on the album and for good reason. With amazing lyrics both songs tell stories of their own. Don't let this album go unbought!

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