Strike a Match



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2008, Clairecords

Autodrone, formed in 2002, is based on a mutual love of dream pop and early '90s Brit rock. Seamlessly melding the sonic dynamics of noise and pop with throbbing bass lines, jagged synths, searing atmospheric guitars, and urgent banshee vocals, Autodrone has no problem reaching out from the stage, grabbing you by the throat, and screaming in your face - even when they are only whispering. Their self-released EPs have quickly gained the attention of UK and US press, garnering universally favorable reviews while easily selling out of print. Strike a Match is Autodrone's latest studio effort. Their debut full-length is darker, denser, and more experimental - yet catchier and more hookladen -than any of their previous work. The album has received a deluge of critical acclaim and made it onto multiple Best of 2007 lists, though it was unreleased at the time!


Disc 1
1 Strike a Match
2 Final Days
3 100, 000 Years of Revenge
4 Kerosene Dreams
5 Rose Has No Teeth
6 Sometime
7 Through the Backwoods
8 Moth of July
9 Can't Keep These
10 With Arms Raised
11 Oh Home
12 Pictures

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