Stroboscopic Disc

The 78 Project

Stroboscopic Disc

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2012, The 78 Project

Test your turntable speed in vintage style. Ensure you're playing your favorite records at optimum fidelity! Our hand-screened custom Stroboscopic Discs are a vinyl collector essential. For almost 200 years stroboscopes have been employed as useful tools for determining cyclic speed. On a stroboscopic disc, concentric bands of radial squares each correspond to a speed on your turntable – 33.3, 45 and 78 rpm.

Place the disc on your turntable, apply direct light and set the platter spinning. The corresponding radial appears to be perfectly still if the record player is working just right. Printed by hand on heavy duty stock by Brooklyn silkscreen artist Kayrock, each strobe is a frame-worthy piece of art. They make beautiful gifts for vinyl junkies, retro memorabilia collectors and fans of unique silkscreen art.

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