Sum of the Men: Brutality Continues

Man Is the Bastard


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2002, Vermiform

The mysterious noise rock combo known as Man Is the Bastard was a project put together by Eric Wood and Joel Connell after they had left hardcore outfit Pissed Happy Children. Dubbing the band "power violence," the sound was a brutal mix of complicated technical riffing and straight-up hardcore. Making things even more interesting were the member's interest in the burgeoning noise scene, something that affected their music greatly. The group lasted until 1997, when they mutually decided that if they continued they would no longer make quality music. The members still work together on projects, including Wood's Bastard Noise projects. — Bradley Torreano


Disc 1
1 Freak Machine
2 Prune Belly
3 Skull Crusher
4 Starvation Cage
5 Death's Dirge
6 Tank Killer
7 Thug
8 Bloated Subhumans
9 Idget Child
10 Kai La
11 Son of Thug
12 Infibulation
13 Man Is the Bastard
14 She Boar
15 Man
16 Foreign Children (Iraqi Slaughter)
17 Pigeon-Holed
18 Users
19 Remember Thy Creator
20 Priapism
21 Beast God Rape
22 Pig Kingdom Come
23 Sensory Perception Overload
24 Unilateral Cob
25 Alone With Labor
26 Hempire (The Ruler's Deception)
27 Roller
28 Protein
29 I Can Sense Your Cheese
30 Think Tank Killer
31 New Toilets for Tomorrow
32 Think Tank Killer

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