Summer Hymns

Athens, Georgia's Summer Hymns arose in 1997 from singer/guitarist Zachary Gresham's desire to find an outlet for material that did not seem suited for a typical rock band. Zachary had a collection of ideas, some of which were simple chord progressions, others of which were melodies he had not put words to. These rudimentary structures were often based on experiences as a boy at his grandmother's house in rural Georgia, learning to play piano and singing hymns, traditional ballads and folk songs. Zachary took this early inspiration and fused it with his newer musical obsessions, ranging from older icons like Robert Wyatt and Neil Young to more contemporary groups such as Yo La Tengo and Smog. Zachary's desire to fulfill a musical vision became clearer and the concept for the Summer Hymns was born.

With long-time collaborator Phillip Br...



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