Matt Sweeney and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

Vinyl LP

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2005, Drag City

VINYL FORMAT. Bonnie challenged Matt to write music to a series of song lyrics, and this collaboration was done over some months, and included live shows in London, New Orleans, Brooklyn, and Baltimore. The two retired to Paul Oldham's Rove Studios to lay the songs down. They enlisted the help of drummer Peter Townsend, and vocalist Sue Schofield dropped in for a brief cameo. Superwolf is a pure, true collaboration between Matt Sweeney (music) and Bonnie "Prince" Billy (words). Matt and Bonnie have been playing together for years, making Superwolf a long-gestating and deeply-felt release. Superwolf package features artwork by Spencer Sweeney!


Disc 1
1 My Home Is the Sea
2 Beast for Thee
3 What Are You?
4 Goat and Ram
5 Lift Us Up
6 Rudy Foolish
7 Bed Is for Sleeping
8 Only Someone Running
9 Death in the Sea
10 Blood Embrace
11 I Gave You

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