From Hoboken, NJ, the Tadpoles pretty much exemplify what most American psychedelic music sounded like in the 1990s-- melodic rock wrapped in blankets of fuzz, heavily processed guitars and the occasional electronic studio effect. The Tadpoles were adept enough at jamming and developing themes, but they were at their best when working with concise, punchy songs. The Tadpoles have always been know as a 'psychedelic' band, which means their music references the mind-expanding sounds of experimental artists of the '60's and '70's. But that 'retro' tag has never sat well with the band, which insists it's as inspired by modern-day guitar bands like the Jesus & Mary Chain and Spacemen 3 as it is by classic rock.

They broke up in 2000 ("indefinite hiatus," they called it).

Tadpoles were formed as a home studio project in 1985...



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