Take the Kids Off Broadway


Vinyl LP

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2012, Jagjaguwar

VINYL FORMAT. Foxygen is the bi-coastal songwriting duo of Sam France (vocals, Olympia, Wash., 22 years old) and Jonathan Rado (guitar/keyboards, NYC, 22). They are the raw, de-Wes Andersonization of The Rolling Stones, Kinks, Velvets, Bowie, etc. that a whole mess of young people desperately need. At the same time, they pull a very Anderson-type move wherein they paint an impressionistic and hyper-real (and instantly recognizable) portrait of specific places and times - and blurring the lines between time and place. Yet, it never comes across as anything but absolutely modern music.


Disc 1
1 Abandon My Toys
2 Make It Known
3 Take The Kids Off Broadway
4 Waitin' 4 U
5 Teenage Alien Blues
6 Why Did I Get Married?
7 Middle School Dance (Song For Richard Swift)

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