Tall Firs

Tall Firs were formed in 1990 when teenagers Dave Mies and Aaron Mullan taught one another to play guitar over the telephone in Annapolis, Maryland. Eleven years later they played their first gig, having crawled to Brooklyn, NY in the interim. Halfway through the second decade of searching for a drummer, Ryan Sawyer finally assumed the throne.

A near-telepathic nonchalance pervades the music of the Tall Firs. The interwoven melodies of the two guitars converse in a language that has evolved an unsettling familiarity like birdies on a remote island. The drums comment on the discussion, push or pull it, effortlessly gliding from free time to strict metronome and back over the course of a single measure. Melancholic incantations reminiscent of Joni Mitchell or Jackson C. Frank transition into open-tuning workouts of despair and beauty lik...


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