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2014, Profound Lore

Formed in 2008, Vancouver, BC’s Auroch are poised to bear the flag of Canadian death metal chaos alongside likeminded bands of the new generation Mitochondrion (vocalist / guitarist Shawn Haché and live-lineup bassist Sebastian Montesi both play in Auroch), Antediluvian and Chthe’ilist. It’s a tradition stretching from the legendary and still-active Gorguts back to the mid-’90s heydays of Cryptopsy and Kataklysm.

Auroch released their debut From Forgotten Worlds in 2011 on Poland’s Hellthrasher Productions. That album’s insane musical approach to violent, technical death metal is present on its followup, Taman Shud, albeit in a darker, deadlier manifestation. Here the band truly makes their mark upon the death metal scene as one of North America’s most brutal and musically proficient acts. The release is preceded by the limited-edition Seven Veils 7-inch EP (Graceless Recordings), and the Auroch is scheduled to play this year’s Killtown Deathfest, Europe’s premiere death metal festival, and Incubate fest; live assaults in Canada and the US are imminent.


Disc 1
1 Villainous
2 Octavo (Swirling in Capricorn)
3 Noxious Plume
4 Taman Shud
5 Voice of Gemini
6 Death Canonized
7 Defixio
8 Novemportis
9 The Balkan Affair

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