The Argument


Vinyl LP

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2004, Dischord Records

VINYL FORMAT. The long-awaited new album from one of independent music's most enduring forces, and the first new studio album since 1998's "End Hits." Ten brand new songs chock full of all the yearning, struggling, and uplifting stuff their fans can't get enough of. Recorded by long-time collaborator Don Zientara at the legendary Inner Ear studios, and featuring the first studio appearance of the band's roadie and second drummer, Jerry Busher.


Disc 1
1 [Untitled Track]
2 Cashout
3 Full Disclosure
4 Epic Problem
5 Life and Limb
6 Kill
7 Strangelight
8 Oh
9 Ex-Spectator
10 Nightshop
11 Argument

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