The Cairo Gang

The Cairo Gang is a musical declaration uniting the romanticists with the doomsayers for a round of high fives and hand shakes. The ballad _Mother Earth_ is acoustically organic, delivering the listener an early Neil Young feel with bewitching flutes and bongos. Over the course of recent years, The Cairo Gang has been a lingering passion for Emmett Kelly, a stimulated singer/songwriter with an impressive list of musicians in his rolodex. Performing with a back up band or solo, Kelly always brings a freshened thrill to the world of quiet rock music. After mastering countless instruments, Kelly decided to put his skills to work and record some tunes that have been afloat in his headspace. And thank the heavens he did, because this album perfectly tweaks the butterflies in all of our stomachs. Deep, soft rock for tobacco tinged hearts, thatâ...


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