The Deadly Spawn OST

Michael Perilstein

Vinyl LP

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2013, Mondo

VINYL FORMAT. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl; limited edition of 1500 copies, including 500 on randomly-inserted red marble vinyl). Consistent throughout the jazz-tinged synth excursions of the Deadly Spawn Soundtrack is the same wit that infused his subsequent work, nowhere more evident than in the loungy guitars and synth work on tracks given titles like "Spawn With the Wind". "Let's Spawn," the genuinely wistful "Here Today, Spawn Tomorrow," and "Spawn Lake" are other standouts. The collection ends on a high note with a funky instrumental ballad, the film's surprisingly beautiful eponymous track: "The Deadly Spawn". Divorced from film, Perilstein's soundtrack may not always be a creep-fest, but as he writes in the liner notes, it's certainly "dripping with bloody fun!"


Disc 1
1 The Landing of the Meteorite
2 Afternoon of a Spawn
3 All that Slithers is Not Good
4 Creeping Right Along
5 Spawn With the Wind
6 Let's Spawn
7 Here Today, Spawn Tomorrow
8 Spawn Lake
9 Spawn Who Came in from the Cold
10 An Upstream Battle
11 The Deadly Spawn Theme

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