The Downward Spiral (Picture Disc)

Nine Inch Nails

Vinyl 2xLP $49.99

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2010, Nothing

VINYL FORMAT. This is the European import picture disc version! Comes in a plastic sleeve. Purdy. 'The Downward Spiral positioned Trent Reznor as industrial's own Phil Spector, painting detailed, layered soundscapes from a wide tonal palette. Not only did he fully integrated the crashing metal guitars of Broken, but several newfound elements - expanded song structures, odd time signatures, shifting arrangements filled with novel sounds, tremendous textural variety - can be traced to the influence of progressive rock. So can the painstaking attention devoted to pacing and contrast - The Downward Spiral is full of striking sonic juxtapositions and sudden about-faces in tone, which make for a fascinating listen. More important than craft in turning Reznor into a full-fledged rock star, however, was his brooding persona. Grunge had the mainstream salivating over melodramatic angst, which had always been Reznor's stock in trade. The left-field hit "Closer" made him a postmodern shaman for the '90s, obsessed with exposing the dark side he saw behind even the most innocuous fa├žades. In fact, his theatrics on The Downward Spiral - all the preening self-absorption and serpentine sexuality - seemed directly descended from Jim Morrison . . . the album ends on an affecting emotional peak - "Hurt" mingles drama and introspection in a way Reznor had never quite managed before. It's evidence of depth behind the charisma that deservedly made him a star.' - All Music Guide


Disc 1
1 Mr. Self Destruct
2 Piggy
3 Heresy
4 March of the Pigs
5 Closer
6 Ruiner
7 Becoming
8 I Do Not Want This
9 Big Man With a Gun
10 Warm Place
11 Eraser
12 Reptile
13 Downward Spiral
14 Hurt

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