The Effective Disconnect

Brian McBride


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2010, Kranky

Subtitle: Music Composed for the Documentary "Vanishing of the Bees". The Stars of the Lid frontman concentrated on four different themes for his score for "Vanishing of the Bees." He touches on the gloriousness of the species, the endurance and hardships of traditional beekeepers, pesticides, and the holistic nature of non-industrial agriculture, with special intrigue around combining some of their mournful aspirations with something more serene.


Disc 1
1 MTlodrames TTlTgraphiTs (In B Major 7th), Pt. 1
2 MTlodrames TTlTgraphiTs (In B Major 7th), Pt. 2
3 Girl Nap
4 Several Tries (In an Unelevated Style)
5 Supposed Essay on the Piano (B Major Piano Adagietto)
6 Toil Theme, Pt. 1
7 Toil Theme, Pt. 2
8 Toil Theme, Pt. 3
9 Beekeepers vs. Warfare Chemicals
10 I Know That You Don't Like the Future Like I Do
11 Chamber Minuet

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