The Electronic Anthology Project

The Electronic Anthology Project began as the idea of Built To Spill bassist Brett Nelson.Always having loved and been hugely influenced by 80's New Wave (a huge factor in wanting to even create music in the first place) he wondered what a guitar driven band like Built To Spill would sound like if made a little more New Wave circa 1982.He entered his home studio in November 2009 not knowing if fellow bandmate Doug Martsch would even be into his idea which would require him to re-sing all the songs.With one rule "synthesizer and drum machine only" he started and soon had "I Would Hurt A Fly" nearly done and sent a rough mix to Doug who quickly agreed to re-sing all the songs.Emerging eight months later with one song off of each Built To Spill record done,local friend and ex-bandmate Jon Mullin (The Suffocation Keep) ma...



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