The Eraser

Thom Yorke


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2006, XL

Listening to The Eraser, you come to the inescapable conclusion that it's all about the voice. Everything Thom Yorke sings is imbued with a unique brand of melancholy, a kind of hopelessness that should descend into whiny teenage angst but somehow doesn't. Maybe it's the brilliant, distorted lyrics, the closest pop music has come to modern poetry, or perhaps it's the craftsmanship at work here, the sense that everything has been pored over and considered beyond a spat of youthful disdain. It doesn't matter, because it's that voice that does the work hereā€¦ - Bob Dollop


Disc 1
1 The Eraser PLAY
2 Analyse PLAY
3 The Clock PLAY
4 Black swan PLAY
5 Skip Divided PLAY
6 Atoms for Peace PLAY
7 And it Rained All Night PLAY
8 Harrowdown Hill PLAY
9 Cymbal Rush PLAY

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Joseph Bateman
With little fanfare, Thome Yorke, the beloved singer of Radiohead created his first solo nine song album entitled, ''The Eraser''. Yorke's solo recording was kept a guarded secret until Radiohead was on the road of their current tour. This was to prevent rumors about the bands sudden demise. ''The Eraser'' continues much in the same vein on Yorke's recent work with the Radiohead. Actually, many of the songs off ''Eraser'' sound like they could've been found on the next Radiohead album. However, instead of the expansive and dense sounds found on albums like ''Hail To The Thief'' and ''Kid A'', this is a stripped down version of Radiohead. Yorke is left alone aided only by the beats and electronic soundscapes produced on his laptop. Although no real drums or guitars help sonic landscape, the sound of ''Eraser'' is by no means flat or empty. The vocals of Yorke are what cause this album to soar as he posses one of the most pleasing and captivating voices in music today. His voices and combined with electronics and beats results in yet a sparse somber filled mood permeating throughout ''The Eraser''. Kick starting the album is the title track ''The Eraser'' which gets started with a reverb-heavy piano intro and in comes the subdued electronic Radiohead style beats. Yorke takes center stage singing the question, ''Please excuse but I got to ask, are you only being nice because you want something?'' and followed by the stunning verse ''The more you try to erase me, the more that I appear. The more you try the eraser, the more that you appear.'' Another standout track is ''And It Rained All Night'' a faster, more upbeat song than the title track. With Yorke singing ''I can never reach you. I can see you but I can never reach you.'' In essence, this isn't a throwaway solo album. Yorke is as good fronting Radiohead as he is solo. These nine songs are great enough to garner the same attention awarded to any of the prior Radiohead albums. ''The Eraser'' will placate the hordes of Radiohead fans until the groups next release or at least until Yorke gets the solo bug again which hopefully will be soon; very soon.
Peter Pendergrass
Thom Yorke is my baby. Not only is he the lead singer and creative mind (along with Johnny Greenwood) of Radiohead, but he is also a dad, and a political voice, AND his new solo project/thing absolutely great. This album is very amnesiac B-Sides. Thom has always sort had a electronic fetish since the Kid A days, maybe even before. This album is beautiful. It mixes lush electronic soundscapes and beats with Thom's haunting vocals and the occaisional piano. Don't look at this album and say "Why did Thom make a solo album? Is he leaving the band?" NO! He's not. I just saw them on tour and they were AMAZING and they have a new album scheduled to come out next year. This album is basically a collection of things that Thom had been working on on the side and he put them on a record with the complete support of the band. He even used the same producer (Nigel Godrich) who has been a major influence in their other albums. Songs such as "Cymal Rush" have been circulating in the Radiohead world for a while now ("Cymbal Rush" appeared as background music on the Radiohead TV DVD "The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time" that came out a year or two ago). Don't buy this if you want to hear a Radiohead album. It's not Radiohead, but it sounds very Radiohead (as it should), but it's more distinctly Thom. It's great. I love it.

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