The Feelies

The Feelies are an alternative rock band which formed in 1976 in Haledon, New Jersey, United States. The band currently consists of Glenn Mercer (vocals, guitar), Bill Million (vocals, guitar), Brenda Sauter (bass), Dave Weckerman (drums) and Stan Demeski (drums). The band has released five albums, "Crazy Rhythms" (1980), "The Good Earth" (1986), "Only Life" (1988), "Time for a Witness" (1991) and "Here Before" (2011).

Glenn Mercer and Bill Million formed the band as The Outkids in 1976, and changed their name to The Feelies later that year. The band moved to New York and began receiving critical acclaim for their performances. By the 1978, the band consisted of Mercer, Million, basist Keith DeNunzio and drummer Anton Fier. The band released their debut single "Fa Cé-La"...


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