The Field Mice

The Field Mice were a twee pop/indie pop group which formed in 1987 in London, England. Along with Heavenly, they were the most popular group on the legendary and influential sarah records label.

The band originally consisted of Bobby Wratten (vocals, guitar) and Michael Hiscock (bass), but for most of their lifespan also included Harvey Williams (guitar), Annemari Davis (keyboards), and Mark Dobson (drums). The band split up in 1991 after an unctuous tour to promote the For Keeps album, during which lead singer/guitarist Bobby Wratten announced he was leaving. He then, along with Davis and Dobson, formed Northern Picture Library. In 1995, Wratten founded Trembling Blue Stars.

Their first EP, Emma's House was released in late 1988, but it was with their 2nd single Sensitive that they first received significant critical attention wit...


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