The Glasspack

*Formed in the new millennium by singer-songwriter and front-man "Dirty" Dave Johnson, The Glasspack is the answer to the worn-out southern rock of the classic rock airwaves and the sudden staleness of modern hard rock radio. Distinctly of Louisville, this creative and unique Kentucky band has pulled its influences from the best of the 60's jam rock and 70's hard rock/punk, thus obtaining a very wide variety of listeners and fans. The band can usually be found lugging its equipment around the U.S. and Canada listening to anything from CCR and MC5 to Bad Brains and Fu-Manchu. They have been seen busting guitars on each other, playing guitar behind their backs, with their teeth, and anyway humanly possible. Johnson has even been known to set his crotch on fire, as well as his guitar, which skills gained him a Fender Music endorsem...



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