The Golden Record

Little Scream


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2011, Secretly Canadian

Little Scream's music is - like her moniker suggests - full of contradictions. It is at once both familiar and foreign; weaving multiple genres into a sparkly and Jovian landscape. The title of Little Scream's debut full-length, The Golden Record, references this very juxtaposition. In 1977, the Voyager Space shuttle launched into space with a time capsule recording of sounds, language and music intended to represent Earth for, as Little Scream says, "some form of sentience that might intercept it in the distant future when we are the distant past."

Nowhere is the Martian and sublunary contrast more present than in two of The Golden Record's standouts, "Cannons" and "The Heron and the Fox." While "Cannons" conjures visions of receiving signals and painting portals through space over celestial echoes and otherworldly buzzes, "The Heron and the Fox" recalls a more terrestrial sound while recounting an intense yearning and lamentation of her salad days through a quiet, painful present.

Co-produced with Richard Reed Parry (Arcade Fire, Bell Orchestre), The Golden Record features Little Scream on guitar, vocals, violin, and keyboard. In typical Montreal fasion, it showcases a cast of local talent including Richard Parry, Mike Fuerstack (Snailhouse), Becky Foon (Silver Mt. Zion), Patty McGee (Stars), and Sarah Neufeld (Arcade Fire, Bell Orchestre). The National's Aaron Dessner also contributed on "The Heron and the Fox."

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