The Golden Spike

Sky Larkin

Vinyl LP

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2009, Wichita Recordings

Order The Golden Spike and receive a free First Aid Kit 7" (while supplies last)! Tracks are "You're Not Coming Home" b/w "Tangerine."

VINYL FORMAT. Two old friends and one newer one. London called Katie away for a while and Doug ran away to Scotland but now Yorkshire holds us all.

"The Golden Spike opens in triumph: Harkin's melody is propelled skyward by a choir of disembodied harmonies, laced with piercing guitar work and a pounding rhythm section reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr’s Barlow and Murph. To further the Dino Jr comparison (and sustaining my rabid Dino Jr. obsession), Harkin plays in the vein of J. Mascis, channeling his sparkle/sludge dynamic but with more emphasis on chords rather than ear-shattering guitar solos. Not that she can't have those; the lead in 'Antibodies' is graceful in it's calculated dissonance and the hook in 'Molten' is a reach-for-the-sky's piece of guitar work...

Like the Walkmen, Sky Larkin make me want to believe in things. Not so much in fantastical creatures... but more so in ideals, or just ideas. Love, life, hope, honor. You know, all that romantic bullshit. Listen to Sky Larkin and go sprinting through the streets. Clothing optional." - Indie Muse


Disc 1
1 Fossil, I
2 Pica
3 Molten
4 Antibodies
5 Octopus '08
6 Somersault
7 Beeline
8 One of Two
9 Matador
10 Geography
11 Summit
12 Keepsakes
13 [Untitled]

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