The Grates

The Grates are a two-piece band from Brisbane, Australia. Patience Hodgson (vocals), John Patterson (guitar) and Alana Skyring (drums) formed The Grates in 2002.

The Grates have been lauded for their catchy songs and enthusiastic and energetic live show (Patience spends much of the show bouncing around, even while singing). They are frequently described as fun: "We just wanna have fun and hope other people do too." (Patience). Their sound has been compared to the Ramones, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Be Your Own Pet.

The band has a distinctive style. All three members have a background in art and they design their own album artwork, posters, t-shirts and even socks.

The Grates released an array of limited edition recordings (The Grates EP (2002), Black Dog Black Dog (2003), Pyrate Kids (2003) and Crocodile (2003)) before...



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