The Guild League

Led by Lucksmiths lead mouth Tali White the Melbourne (Australia) based 6 piece line up is its most rockin' incarnation yet featuring lead-cellist/bassist Cressida Griffith, Sax Prodigy Gus Rigby, drummer about town Phil Collings, trumpet from Roger the tall man Clark and guitar magic from Basic Shapes Gerry Eeman. The favourite band you may not have known you had, the Guild League make music that you'll want to hug hard.

The Guild League has been cranking out their lyrical-indie-soul-folk since 2001 and have produced two fine albums Private Transport and Inner North. Several songs including Jetset Go and Siamese Couplets have received wide radio play. Currently recording their third album which will be released in 2008.

Albums released in the USA by Matinee Records.

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