The Gutter Twins

The Gutter Twins is a musical collaboration from Los Angeles between rock musicians Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan.

Dulli and Lanegan have regularly contributed to each other's projects since 2000; of the duo's origins, Dulli said "I think Mark told a journalist we were doing it, and then the journalist called me, and I didn't know we were doing it." On Christmas Day 2003, Dulli and Lanegan began work on the collaboration, titled Saturnalia.

In July 2007, the music website Pitchfork Media announced that the duo, "two of the alt-rock era's greatest frontmen," had signed to Seattle label Sub Pop. Soon thereafter, Sub Pop reported a 4 March, 2008 release date for Saturnalia. Dulli and Lanegan plan to tour in the United States and abroad to promote the album.

On September 2, 2008, The Gutter Twins released their eigh...


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