The Intelligence

The Intelligence is a lo-fi indie post punk rock band from Seattle, founded by Lars Finberg, drummer of the A-Frames.

Finberg played since the late '90s in other bands with vocalist/guitarist Erin Sullivan, and bassist Min Yee: the Dipers, and the Un-Natural Helpers. A Frames and the Intelligence started in 1999. Both acts released singles on Dragnet Records, the indie label Finberg runs with A Frames members Erin Sullivan and Min Yee.

2000, Dragnet released the first A-Frames single, recorded by Chris Woodhouse. S-S Records (founded by Scott Soriano & Sakura Saunders) released the band's next single, Plastica, in early 2001. By that fall, the A-Frames had enough material ready for their first, self-titled album, which was co-released by Dragnet and S-S in spring 2002 and produced by Woodhouse & Soriano. They recorded their...



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