The Invisible Way



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2013, Sub Pop Records

We here at Sub Pop are honored to have our name attached to The Invisible Way, Low's tenth album in 20 years as a band. It was recorded by Wilco's Jeff Tweedy and engineered by Grammy-winner Tom Schick at Wilco's The Loft studio in Chicago. How is this different from any other Low record? In the words of Low's Alan Sparhawk: "Mimi sings lead on five of the eleven songs; piano, lots of piano... and an acoustic guitar; songs about intimacy, the drug war, the class war, plain old war war, archeology, and love. Thank you for your time and please enjoy what we made. I think it's beautiful."


Disc 1
1 Plastic Cup
2 Amethyst
3 So Blue
4 Holy Ghost
5 Waiting
6 Clarence White
7 Four Score
8 Just Make It Stop
9 Mother
10 On My Own
11 To Our Knees

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