The Last Seduction

Baron Von Luxxury

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2012, Manimal

Interested in the divide between the underground and the pop mainstream, Baron Von Luxxury seeks that fine line dividing what is cool from what is deeply embarrassing. Dubbed the "Post-Post-Synthpop King" by the LA Weekly, Baron Von Luxxury seeks to erase the lines between high and low art by merging elements of innovative dance music with the idiot immediacy of classic pop. The album is bathed in dark beats with shimmering synths and his beloved 16th notes, at the end of the day, these are ten pop songs, nearly all of them three and half minutes in length, and each possessing clever lyrics, a catchy chorus and sexy, hooky melodies for days. For example, "Terry Richardson," a smooth disco funk number replete with popping bass guitar dares to invoke the unholy uncoolness of "Gaucho" era Steely Dan, update for the Chromeo era.


Disc 1
1 The Lovely Theresa
2 The Last Seduction
3 Terry Richardson
4 Alice Underground
5 Rosebud Was the Name of His Sled
6 That Disco Beat
7 Women of a Certain Age
8 Y Control
9 Glass Candy
10 I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Drawn That Way

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