Toward the Low Sun

Dirty Three

Vinyl LP

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2012, Drag City

VINYL FORMAT. Dirty Three return seven years since their last album, and Toward the Low Sun is a true humdinger. Warren Ellis is always sawing away at something on the violin that kind of tightens our chest and gives us that ol' thousand-yard stare; Mick Turner wanders with hollow-bodied guitar from abstract and dreamy to punishing hard chord rock in the space of a breath, never sacrificing a sense of the awesome along the path; then there's Jim White. He's doing something that no one else does back there. Plus, he's drumming!


Disc 1
1 Furnace Skies
2 Sometimes I Forget You've Gone
3 Moon on the Land
4 Rising Below
5 Pier
6 Rain Song
7 That Was Was
8 Ashen Snow
9 You Greet Her Ghost

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