The Ones Who Wait

Denison Witmer

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2012, Asthmatic Kitty

Denison Witmer's newest album, The Ones Who Wait, is a reflection of this understanding of self and the growth that comes through life experience. It is an intimate reflection on the meandering path of life, on family and friendships, on death balanced with new life, on endings and beginnings. This ninth album marks a new maturity in Denison's musical career, new layers of openness and subtlety revealed with each listen. Denison's guitar and voice sit front and center, evoking a melodic warmth reminiscent of 70s-era singer-songwriters like Paul Simon and Jackson Browne.


Disc 1
1 Hold On
2 Brooklyn With Your Highest Wall
3 Life Before Aesthetics
4 Your Friend
5 Influence
6 Every Passing Day
7 Light On My Face
8 Two and a Glass Rose
9 One More Day
10 Cursing
11 I Live In Your Ghost

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