The Only Children

What were The Only Children to do after a hellish six-week U.S. tour that featured a dysfunctional school bus and rendered frontman Josh Berwanger thousands of dollars in the hole? For the guitarist, vocalist, and founder of the Lawrence, Kansas-based outfit, he did the only thing he could: Berwanger cut his losses and mothballed the shop, boarding up the band’s metaphorical doors and windows.

The release of The Only Children’s striking sophomore effort, Keeper of Youth, finds Berwanger with hammer in hand, prying off the nails and re-opening for business. With a new batch of material, new roster and new vitality, The Only Children are poised and primed to give it another go.

Created by Berwanger during his final days as a member of indie-rock act The Anniversary, The Only Children came about from the sheer necessity to move for...



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