The Peekers

The Peekers are a six-piece from Shreveport, Louisiana. Members include Brittney Maddox, Jordan West, John Martin, Michael Stephens, Aubre Bauer, and Aaron Butler. Their instruments are always shifting hands, their voices share all microphones. After a text message from Shai of the Capitol Years and a chance performance at SXSW, they have become the newest addition to the Park the Van family. Here’s an introduction to The Peekers…

Once upon a time there were four lovebirds (Michael, Aubre, Brittney, and John) who spent every day so high in a tree that no one could see them. They named themselves after a fictitious Japanese band, The Peekers, and happily wasted days together writing sweet, simple love songs on acoustic guitars, harmonizing their word-worlds into dreamscapes. This “Supercouplezoid” was the dear, psych/country/fo...


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