The Polyphonic Spree

The Polyphonic Spree are a psychedelic pop group which formed in 2000 in Dallas, Texas, United States. The band's core members are Tim DeLaughter (lead vocals, guitar), Mark Pirro (bass) and Bryan Wakeland (drums), all former members of the alternative rock band Tripping Daisy. The band also contains 5 backing vocalists and 12 musicians. The band's lineup has generally been stable since their formation.

The two dozen members often take to the stage costumed in flowing robes or military style uniforms, an appropriate backdrop for their happy and uplifting musical message that's a mix of catchy pop minimally laced with gospel. Fans have compared them to both the Flaming Lips and the Beach Boys, with a smidgen of lively Godspeed-like attitude thrown into the mix.

The Polyphonic Spree was founded by Tim DeLaughter, who led Dallas, Te...


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