The Race

There are two bands called The Race, one hailing from Chicago, USA, and the other from Reading, England.

1) The Race (US) released their fourth full length album "Ice Station" in 2007 on Flameshovel Records. Indie darlings The Race came together in late 1999 when drummer Kevin Duneman left Chisel Drill Hammer. Duneman, Craig Klein (vocals/guitar) and Steve Art (guitar/vocals) worked on The Race's melodic pop style in their native Chicago throughout the rest of the year; A self-titled EP appeared before the year's end and Chicago Ruins Everything marked the band's full-length debut in mid-2000. During this time, Duneman also worked with the likes of Slacker, Ativin, and Telefon Tel Aviv. The Race issued their sophomore effort, The Perfect Gift in fall 2002. Bassist Jeremy Parker joined The Race before the end of the year. The...


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